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Regulus Turbine Regulator:
We designed and build our own turbine regulator, battery temperature sensor, resistors in a ventilated enclosure and combined brake switch / system status monitor.

Complete regulator system which will control the generator speed and as such the maximum voltage of your battery bank. It works as a voltage monitor and will direct the excess energy to a resistor bank. We included a remote brake switch to stop the generator manually in low wind conditions. A Battery temperature compensation sensor (BTS) will prevent overcharging your batteries in hot climates.
Made for marine environment with high 90A peaks, 50A constant amperage capacity. A lot of small details make the Regulus your first choice regulator.

• Integrated electronic brake charge limitation
• Adjustable braking voltage for the battery types acid, gel or AGM
• Temperature compensation sensor
• Remote manual brake and status monitor
• Regulator protected in case of blown output fuse or disconnection
• Cable connection screw terminals
• Two year limited warranty

• Battery nominal system voltage 12 Volt
* Battery braking voltage point (adjusted at 25ªC) 14.2 Volt
* Max. power output of the wind generator 800 W
* Max. current constant output of the wind generator 50A
* Max. regulation voltage 16V
* Dimensions (LxWxH) in mm
- Regulator: 150 x 100 x 75 / 6.0” x 4.0” x 3.0”
- Resistor box: 225 x 130 x 100 / 8.85” x 5.12” x 4.0”
• Remote monitor wire length: 14'
• Remote battery sensor wire length: 6'
* Weight 1.50 kg / 3.3Lb
* Suitable for Acid, Gel and AGM battery types