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Eclectic Duogen-3 water - wind generators:
The DUOGEN-3 Combine water and wind generator in one single unit:
The New DuoGen-3, a unique and patented combined wind and water generation system for cruising yachts. This product has been selling well for over eight years. The revised version 3 of the product offers increased utility and ease of manufacture.
• Water mode on passage
• Wind mode at anchor
• Mode change in seconds without tools
• Minimal loss of boat speed
• Proven in all sea states
• Supplied complete with mount hardware
• No tower needed
• High strength carbon fibre drive shaft
• Enhanced castings and mouldings
• Available in 12 and 24 volts versions
• low noise air blades
• Air rotor dismantle for storage
• Self-furling protection in high winds
• Robust construction
• Available in 3 versions:
DuoGen-3 Short tower (1.3m)
DuoGen-3 Long tower (1.6m)
DuoGen-3 Extra-long tower (1.85m)

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Amazing charge current in water mode:
Very good charge current in wind mode at anchor:

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Regulators for your Eclectic Duogen:

(cut front panel to show inside)

Diversion load controller for 12V or 24V version:
We recommend that your turbine is installed together with an Eclectic controler to prevent battery damage through overcharging.
Optional Ventilated box with integrated or remote stop switch:
We can Install the 6TB charge controller and resistors in our enclosure for a neet and simple installation. You can stop the generator with our stop switch/breaker, in the box or remote.

• Anodized Aluminum ventilated box
• Include stop switch in or remote
• Small size 17" x 10" x 3", 43 cm x 20,5 cm x 7,8 cm
• All marine grade hardware

More info on Ventilated box with stop switch panel