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Main marine breakers:
HI AMP- 187 series MRCB Marine Breakers
This is the standard Bussman Manual & Switchable Reset Circuit Breakers. Use for Main panel wiring protection or windlass and installed very close to battery . You can reset manually and replace main battery switches with those models.

Product Description:
Combines switching and circuit protection into a single device All components meet SAE J1171 external ignition protection requirements Clear, single lever operation "Trip Free" design cannot be held "ON" during fault current condition Vaporproof and Waterproof Recessed mounting holes for clean appearance large clearance around terminal studs accept heavy gauge wire lugs. Robust 5/16 terminals provide high torque connections. Large lever with vertical/horizontal orientation provides indication of trip status Ignition protected - Safe for installation aboard gasoline powered boats.

Features and specs:
Single Pole Thermal Type Breakers
Applications:Typically used in DC power systems in marine applications (as a main or branch circuit breaker), truck and bus systems, RV systems,add-on protection for accessories, lift gates, etc. This unit is external ignition protected and weatherproof.
Rating: 25-150A, 48VDC.
Interrupt Rating: Main Breaker Protection Interrupt Rating (5kA@ 12VDC)
Operating Temperature Rating: - 40
deg. F (- 40 deg. C) to 185F (85 deg. C).
Storage Temperature Rating: - 40
deg. F (- 40 deg. C) to 260 deg. F (125 deg. C).
Materials:Black UL-Rated 94V-0 thermoset plastic body. Cover and lever are UL-Rated 94V-0 thermoplastic.
Marking:Standard marking includes amp/volt ratings. Custom markings also available.
Termination: 5/16-18 threaded studs.
Torque Rating: 75in-lbs (8.5Nm) max.
Mounting Torque Rating: Panel or surface-mount options; 50in-lb (5.6 Nm) max.
Ingress Protection Rating: IP66.
Features / Options: Amanual reset circuit breaker with On-Off switch capability.
Compliances:ABYC E-11; CE; SAE J1171 (Ignition Protected).
HIMS-50 Hi-Amperage ignition proof Surface Mount circuit breaker - 50 Amp

HIMS-100 Hi-Amperage ignition proof Surface Mount circuit breaker - 100 Amp
HIMP-50 Hi-Amperage ignition proof Panel Mount circuit breaker - 50 Amp

HIMP-100 Hi-Amperage ignition proof Panel Mount circuit breaker - 100 Amp
Standard marine breakers:
Standard Carling Technologies A-Series hydraulic/magnetic circuit breakers
Features and specs:
They are compact and temperature stable designed for precision operation in OEM markets requiring general purpose as well as full load amp applications.
Our panels comes with standard 15A breakers but you can exchange with your choices of breakers values to build your panels and fit your needs.

0.02-30A @ 277VAC, 80VDC
31.0-50A @ 125/250VAC, 80VDC
UL recognized, CSA
Single or Dual-Pole Magnetic-Hydraulic Type Breakers
White handles
250 VAC, 50/60 HZ, or 80VDC MAX
#8-32 screws for 5-30 Amp values, #10-32 screws for 40 or 50 Amps

Choose standard breakers with your Amps vatues:
BK-5: 5 Amps marine breaker

BK-10: 10 Amps marine breaker

BK-15: 15 Amps marine breaker
BK-30: 30 Amps marine breaker
BK-50: 50 Amps marine breaker
BK-2-30: Dual 30 Amps marine breaker
BK-2-50: Dual 50 Amps marine breaker
Din Rail breakers:
DIN rail Breakers with values of your choice for Resid panels:
We use standard DIN Rail hydraulic/magnetic circuit breakers UL 489 Listed for Branch distribution. They are compact and temperature stable, designed for precision operation in green energy markets requiring branch and controller protection.

5-63A @150VDC
13 mm (about 0.5") wide
Mounts on 35mm DIN-rail
UL 489 Listed for branch distribution
CSA 22.5 No. 5-02 certified for branch distribution
Will trip with continuous current over 105% of rated value
Interrupting capacity 10,000 A
Operating temperature -40…+65°C
Choose DIN rail breakers with your Amps vatues:
BKR-5: 5 Amps railmount breaker

BKR-10: 10 Amps railmount breaker

BKR-15: 15 Amps railmount breaker

BKR-20: 20 Amps railmount breaker

BKR-30: 30 Amps railmount breaker
BKR-63: 63 Amps railmount breaker